Road Trip Driving

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Planning a road trip can be very exciting. There are so many things that you can do and see. When planning a trip, there can sometimes be a high cost for gas. Of course, this all depends on how far you go. It also depends on how fuel efficient your vehicle happens to be. However, regardless of your vehicles fuel economy, there are things that you can do to increase the number of miles you get to the gallon. Obviously, there are some modifications that you can make to your car. We will probably touch on those in another post. This post will focus specifically on your driving behavior. Believe it or not, the way you drive can make a huge difference when it comes to saving gas. Continue reading if you want to find out more information!



One of the things that has a huge effect on the fuel efficiency of your car is how you accelerate. If you are somebody who might be what some call a “lead foot,” then you are probably compromising the miles per gallon on your car. This is because using a lot of power in accelerating has an effect on how much fuel is injected into the engine. As a result, if you put too much fuel into your engine, then you will probably be wasting gas. What you should do is make sure you accelerate at a slower pace. This kind of behavior will ensure you are not putting too much stress on the engine. As a result, you will get more miles to the gallon.

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