What kind of gas?

fuel pump


If you have a car that uses unleaded gasoline, then you have probably been presented with at least three options every time you fill up at the pump. For many people, this can be a confusing sort of ordeal. For example, why are the gasoline types numbered? Does it really make a difference to buy the more expensive one? Why is it more expensive anyway?

You may have had these very thoughts yourself at the pump. Well, the good news is that you can wonder no longer. This post is dedicated to talking about the different kinds of fuel that you can buy for your car. We will cover what it does for your car as well as some of the things they put in it. Keep reading to find out more information!


Low grade

If you are like me, you probably don’t go crazy every time you are at the pump. I usually keep it pretty low key and get the cheapest gasoline possible. Although low grade fuel is the cheapest you can get, don’t be worried about the effects of it on your car. Low grade gasoline meets very strict industry and federal requirements as far as purity and safety is concerned. This is good because you can be confident that you are not putting bad chemicals in your car.

Mid grade

Mid grade gasoline is just a small step up from low grade. It has higher filtration and is purer than its low grade counterparts.

Premium grade

This is the most expensive gasoline. In addition to the highest filtration, it also has additives in it that will help your car run more smoothly. Use this kind of gasoline for very old cars with delicate engines.

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