Diesel Fuel


Continuing with our discussion of wonderment at the fuel pump, we have noticed that some of our readers have emailed us asking us to talk about diesel fuel. We are glad that people have been asking about this, because diesel fuel still takes up a decent amount of the driving demographic here in the United States.

A lot of people typically ask about diesel because of the its properties based on rumors that they might hear. For example, some might be worried that there is more pollution involved with diesel fuel because it is the fuel of choice for a lot of industrial vehicles. If you have questions about diesel fuel, then you are in luck, because the next few paragraphs will have some in depth discussion about the things you should know about diesel. Read on to satisfy your curiosity!



As stated before, many folks are worried about the environmental friendliness of diesel fuel. In addition to being a fuel used by many industrial vehicles, diesel fuel has a very distinct black looking smoke that seems very suspect. However, the smoke emitted by diesel fuel is actually cleaner than that of its unleaded gasoline counterpart. The reason for the blackness of smoke is that the particles are a different chemical. This makes them more visible to the human eye than the particles that come from unleaded gasoline smoke.


The other great thing about diesel fuel is that the engines for diesel run much more efficiently than that of the unleaded fuel engines. For example, a car that might get 30 mpg with unleaded would probably get 40-45 mpg with a diesel engine.

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