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There are times when you become very aware of how integral a part the mundane things play in your life. In the daily hustle and bustle, it is very easy forget each and every minute puzzle piece that exists. I became very aware of this this past summer when I was living up at my cottage in the state of Virginia. Read on to hear my story and what I learned.


Getting a repair

While I was vacationing down at my cottage in Virginia, I blew a head gasket and needed to take my car in for a very expensive repair. Unfortunately, because of the rare make and model of my car, getting my car fixed was not just a one day ordeal. Over the course of about five days, I was without a mode of motor transportation. This made daily life a little bit more difficult for me.

For example, I was grilling with some of my friends and noticed that when I went to the store last I had forgotten to pick up some hot dog buns. Normally, this would probably be no big deal. Most people would just hop into their car, drive down to the grocery store (or maybe even a convenience store), grab some buns, and head back. However, the process was not so easy this time because I did not have a car. So, I walked down to the bus stop and attempted to navigate my way to the grocery store. This took a lot longer than I had originally expected because of the fact that I had no idea how to use the public transportation where I was staying. Finally, I got back, but by that time everyone was so hungry that they spoiled their appetite by eating too many potato chips and drinking too many beers


To make matters worse, I became very aware of the value of my car later that week when we had an insufferably hot day. It was in the middle of the summer, and the heat was sweltering. My air conditioner had just broken, and I needed to fine someone who can fix it. I typed ‘HVAC’ into my search engine and the top three results came from the same website:


I figured this was a good option so I decided to take my chances and go there to pick out a new unit. Once again, I had to figure out another method of transportation because my car was in the shop. It was so hot that everyone on the bus was sweaty and it was gross. Definitely not doing that again.

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